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Progressive Baby Man

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Topic: Progressive Baby Man
Posted By: sgtrock21
Subject: Progressive Baby Man
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 3:48pm
Proof that Progressive commercials can get worse/stupider. I seriously hate being yelled at!Angry

EEEEts All so REEEdEEEculous

Posted By: aka ron
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 5:19pm
What a creepy baby teen boy! I'd like to take him out back, mess him up a little bit. "behavior adjustment"

I can't complain but sometimes I still do.

Posted By: DKS
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 5:47pm
I saw this for the first time at work and was like holy sh*t, first the stupid talking box, now this? Jesus these assholes are seriously making me long for more commercials with Flo and even Jaime the talking twit.

"I see the sadness in their eyes
Melancholy in their cries
Devoid of all the passion
The human spirit cannot die"

Posted By: (0)(0)
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 6:59pm

Posted By: crainbebo
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 7:12pm
What in god's name does this baby-man have to do with car insurance? Anything? Something? No wonder this awful company isn't getting a dime from me. Their ads just keep getting worse and worse, they don't need Flo or Jamie to do it. I'm also sick of the Flo ad in the jungle, 'Janice Bought a House' and anything else they throw at us.

I say we file a missing person's report and petition to bring this guy back from 2005: at least he told us how to switch to Progressive without using immature humor Wink

Liberty Liberty Liberty my a$$. Oh, and that goes with a majority of the other insurance ads, too.

Posted By: (0)(0)
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2018 at 10:00pm

Posted By: panamacityeddie
Date Posted: 09 Nov 2018 at 12:41am
This i believe is the first commercial to accurately portray millennials in their true form.

Posted By: atikovi
Date Posted: 09 Nov 2018 at 1:47am
From the same adtards that brought you

Posted By: Dr. Dan
Date Posted: 11 Nov 2018 at 12:05am
I can't think of anything better to say than..... GAARRRRRUGHHHHH!

That loud sucking sound you hear is your brain losing I.Q. as you watch these asinine commercials.

Posted By: crainbebo
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2018 at 3:08am
ENOUGH PROGRESSIVE! This awful commercial has aired several times today during college football. Just stop, Progressive. Stop! STOP! Quit with the awful, unfunny, stupid nonsense! And people actually like this commercial?!!! I just can't...
Probably top FIVE on the worst commercials of the year, by far! AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

Liberty Liberty Liberty my a$$. Oh, and that goes with a majority of the other insurance ads, too.

Posted By: (0)(0)
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2018 at 3:20am

Posted By: NJtoTX
Date Posted: 21 Dec 2018 at 8:04pm
So Progressive sends me snail mail with my first name in giant letters in a window, where it says 

"You could get car insurance starting as low as $79 per month."

I pay $45 a month for car insurance. LOL

Posted By: (0)(0)
Date Posted: 21 Dec 2018 at 8:52pm

Posted By: HalandBubbles
Date Posted: 25 Dec 2018 at 9:47pm
I don't act THIS bratty in stores!
This boy needs to retake grade school!

you wanna see my pencil?

Posted By: !Tommy
Date Posted: 25 Dec 2018 at 11:20pm
Originally posted by atikovi atikovi wrote:

From the same adtards that brought you

Oh, look how cute. Another soul who is just banking on getting rheumatoid arthritis by the time their Social Security checks start rolling in.

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